Aquamarine stone: a perfect choice for an engagement ring



Today we talk about Aquamarine, one of the most precious stones, which are often seen in the most sensational looking engagement rings.

How does Aquamarine look like?

It looks like crystal, hexagonal in shape. It is made of beryllium, which is called aquamarine when it is blue or blue-green. The name Aquamarine means Water of the Sea.

 Is Aquamarine expensive?

It all depends on the clarity of the stone, the depth and purity of the color. The aquamarines, which are under 5 carats of good quality cost around $100 to $250 per carat.

Was Aquamarine a precious stone also in the past?

Yes, definitely, and it has been one of the favorite stones of the richest people in history, from the Sumerian to the Egyptian society, where it was a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth.

Does Aquamarine have healing properties?

There is no scientific proof that Aquamarine has healing properties. Many say it is a good stone to increase courage and clear communication skills.

We dare to say though, that Aquamarine has a very good quality, that of cheering up the mind of the one who will receive it as a gift 🙂 Because of its breathtaking color and tones and the clarity of its crystal, Aquamarine is definitely a stone that creates sparkles of joy.

Do women like Aquamarine rings?

Yes definitely and men like those too 🙂

Where can I get an Aquamarine ring like the one featured in this post?

You can get an aquamarine ring in rose gold for yourself or for your sweetheart right now, like the one in the image of this post, they sell it on Amazon, for a price worthy of the beauty of the ring. Click here to explore the ring.


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