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Jewelry In The Victorian Era

The Victorian period (between 1837 and 1901) is named after Queen Victoria. This was an era of modernization that affected fashion and jewelry in a very positive way.

Gold was the preeminent material, pinchback (an alloy of copper and zinc similar to brass) and aluminum were widely used, as well as ivory and coral, all these materials had an important role in the production of jewelry.

The favorite gemstones of the Victorian jewelers were diamonds, emeralds, topaz, and turquoise, but also pearls.

One characteristic piece of jewelry of the Victorian era was the Cameo, a carved image in materials such as coral, lava stone or glass. This was used almost everywhere in pendants, lockets, rings, earrings, and bracelets.

One peculiarity of the Victorian era was the use of black in jewelry. Black was not only worn to symbolize mourning, but it was used as a fashion statement as well. In the case of black Victorian jewelry, the materials were mostly Berlin iron, cast iron, Gutta-percha which is a type of resin from Malaysia, onyx, vulcanite, and jet a type of black fossilized wood.

The Victorian era marks a period of splendor, undeniable beauty, and modernity in the fashion and jewelry history that still influences our modern period. Nowadays it is not unusual to find clothing accessories and jewelry items which resemble the ones from the Victorian period. The romantic style, intricate metalwork and elaborate use of precious gemstones of that time are timeless and still make the heart of almost every woman beat a bit faster.


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How do you wear a brooch?


Brooches are usually made of silver or gold or other metals, they are often decorated with gemstones and can have a glossy layer of enamel. The purpose of a brooch can be that of ornament or fastening, to secure two sides of a piece of cloth, for example in a cloak.

Brooches were invented long time ago. Initially, they used to have a more practical use, later they evolved as ornaments. We find signs of brooches already in the Roman civilization, in that period the brooch was called fibulae.

Brooches were much more popular in the past, but they have become popular again.

pinup broochLipstick and shoe pin-up brooch.


So how do you wear a brooch?

You can add a brooch to the center of your dress in the chest area, just in the point between the breast or you can add it to the left or right side of the chest.


bee brooch


You might also want to be braver and add a brooch to the shoulder of your shirt, depending on the style you are wearing and the brooch.


bee brooch

 Cute Bee Brooch wore by the girl in the photo above.

Some women like to secure a scarf with a brooch and some use it to fasten the ends of a dress on the back, just under the neck, this style definitely highlights the beauty of the body in a backless dress.

Brooches can also be used on bags or on wallets if enough small, and on hats.

Brooches are so versatile that they can be added even to your home curtains as a decoration.

The most important thing is to avoid using too many brooches at the same time, one brooch is usually enough.


hummingbird brooch

A sophisticated and cute hummingbird pin


Aquamarine stone: a perfect choice for an engagement ring



Today we talk about Aquamarine, one of the most precious stones, which are often seen in the most sensational looking engagement rings.

How does Aquamarine look like?

It looks like crystal, hexagonal in shape. It is made of beryllium, which is called aquamarine when it is blue or blue-green. The name Aquamarine means Water of the Sea.

 Is Aquamarine expensive?

It all depends on the clarity of the stone, the depth and purity of the color. The aquamarines, which are under 5 carats of good quality cost around $100 to $250 per carat.

Was Aquamarine a precious stone also in the past?

Yes, definitely, and it has been one of the favorite stones of the richest people in history, from the Sumerian to the Egyptian society, where it was a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth.

Does Aquamarine have healing properties?

There is no scientific proof that Aquamarine has healing properties. Many say it is a good stone to increase courage and clear communication skills.

We dare to say though, that Aquamarine has a very good quality, that of cheering up the mind of the one who will receive it as a gift 🙂 Because of its breathtaking color and tones and the clarity of its crystal, Aquamarine is definitely a stone that creates sparkles of joy.

Do women like Aquamarine rings?

Yes definitely and men like those too 🙂

Where can I get an Aquamarine ring like the one featured in this post?

You can get an aquamarine ring in rose gold for yourself or for your sweetheart right now, like the one in the image of this post, they sell it on Amazon, for a price worthy of the beauty of the ring. Click here to explore the ring.


Do you know what a Padparascha is?

You are not the only one askig yourself, “what is a padparascha?”. The first time we heard of it, we were curious too!

That is a rare form of sapphire, which usually comes from Sri Lanka, Madagascar or Tanzania. Its color ranges from salmon, to pink to dark orange almost red.

Padparascha is very coveted among the precious gemstones collectors and it is not a surprise, because this gemstone looks stunning.

We found a unique and gorgeous ring on Amazon shop, which received very positive reviews from enthusiastic collectors.

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The cutest bear pendant ever!

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This Swaroski bear pendant is currently one of Amazon Top Seller products. No wonder why, it is super-cute!

It comes with a J.NINA “Bear Princess” elegant package and it is made with Rose Swarovski Crystals.

You can see the dimesions in the pic below.

Swaroski bear pendant size

Valentine’s Day is approaching, why not buying this lovely bear pendant for your sweetheart?  And by the way, in the case you are single, this still makes an amazing gift for all those who love swaroski jewelry, yourself included! 🙂