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Hollywood Influence On Fashion In the 50s


In the 50s, most men and women still dressed with a day-to-day formality. While it’s commonplace to see the top players in Hollywood out in their comfortable jogging suits, the 1950s would never have stood for such dress codes. For one, Hollywood in the 1950s was a very different place. For one, in perhaps an ode to the brightness enjoyed after the darkness of the 1930s and 1940s, the 50s was all about brightness. People still dressed with an almost silent formality, but it was more about making the most of colored garments.

50s Style Dresses Audrey Hepburn

50s Style Dresses Audrey Hepburn Polka Dots Swing Dress

More grandiose shapes than any era beforehand alongside wonderfully colorful clothing and exaggerated attire was the way to go. It wasn’t rare to see the tiny-waisted celebrities of the 1950s in outrageously large, voluminous skirt designs. If it wasn’t these expressive skirts, it was the sassy pencil skirt that was the norm for the female celebrity class of Hollywood.

1950s Bowknot Slim Short Sleeve Bodycon Pencil Dress

1950s Bowknot Slim Short Sleeve Bodycon Pencil Dress

With clothing now being made to a much higher standard than previous generations, much more work went into the idea of mass produced fashion. It was at this point that, as celebrity culture began to rise, that Hollywood stars of the day began to really change up their general dress style. With more variety than ever, too, celebrities of the ear used their prestige and their authority to help promote a new level of individualism.

1950s Vintage Long Sequins Formal Evening Dress

1950s Vintage Long Sequins Formal Evening Dress

With rationing still en masse until the late 1950s, the ability to express ourselves came through the clothing industry. For celebrities, it was a chance to show that it was more than their personality on-camera that got them roles, but their innovative, creative and artistic personalities, too. The concept of disposable incomes was no longer a myth, so people could afford to spend their hard-earned success on looking good. As women began to find much-needed self-confidence as society began to move towards a more equal time, too, many women were able to go out and find work, coming back and rewarding themselves with the latest celebrity fashion.

Green 1950s vintage swing party dress

1950s Vintage Style Swing Party Dress Green

From the petticoat to the ‘sweater girl’ style that was so prominent in the late 40s, culture changed almost entirely with the advent of the change in Hollywood. As the world became more open-minded and liberal to things like open expression, the celebrities of the world used that as a means of building their own individual stardom and brand. What followed was a fashion transformation unlike any arguably ever seen before in human history. The end result? A world far more at peace and ease with the idea of building its own look. As celebrities endorsed this new individualism, the whole world got on board to take us to the modern period of hyper-expressionism.


Get In The Spring Mood With A Retro Cocktail Dress


Spring has started, we are now waiting to see the grass coming out of the snow in certain parts of the world, while in others the birds are already singing and the grass gets greener and greener day by day.

No matter where you are, it’s time to start anew, it’s the moment of rebirth, of the mind and of the body and why not of the wardrobe as well.

This is the period in which weddings, parties, dates are likely to happen more often. This is a period of joy and celebration.

Think about wearing a new dress, one of those that takes your breath away, feel the moment you will put on the dress, close the zip behind your back, wear that pair of shiny glossy shoes. You look at yourself in the mirror and you realize how gorgeous you are with that 50s style makeup!

Probably now you are thinking about your current wardrobe, there you can find only winter clothes, and the only spring clothes you have are t-shirts, jeans, basic skirts. Nothing new, nothing exciting. Why not reinvent yourself and your sense of style this spring, for example with a retro-inspired cocktail dress?

We have chosen some really fresh and exciting looking dresses for you, but beware, you might be falling in love with one (or more) of this dresses! And that’s normal, spring is coming and these dresses are the fantasy of almost every woman 😉



Retro inspired floral print cocktail dress

Retro inspired floral print cocktail dress

Arab Embroidered Sleeveless Flare Dress - Deep Blue

Arab embroidered sleeveless flare dress – deep blue

Music notes and hearts retro inspired cocktail dress

Music notes and hearts retro-inspired cocktail dress

Polka dress black and white vintage swing dress

Polka dress black and white vintage swing dress


For more retro-inspired cocktail dresses visit the shop and this blog often.


40s fashion: what did women wear in 1940’s?

40s fashion is one of the most stylish and classy fashion in the history.

Padded shoulders, high waist tops, and A-line skirts till the knee level were the basics for a perfect 40s outfit.

The materials used for clothing were natural fibers like linen, cotton, wool, and silk and others like rayon, acetate, and nylon. Usually light and sheer materials were the best for nightwear.

One of the interesting aspects of this type of fashion was the use of colors, from pastel colors in pink, yellow, blue, to mint green, and even gold, violet, aqua, coral, green, grey, red, brown, black.

Shoes were simplistic, mainly in basic colors like black, brown, red, blue. Also, shoes were relatively comfortable, with low chunky heels, even though during the end of the decade heels started to be higher and embellishments were added to the shoe. In the summertime, sandals with the opening of the toe and heel were used. The top materials for shoes were reptile skins, mesh, and fabric.

Curls and Victory rolls were the main feature of 40s hairstyle, the makeup was simple but glamorous at the same time, with red lipstick and a winged eye-liner.

Dressing in 40s style is not difficult, nowadays there are plenty of options online to choose from. Below some examples of 40s outfits adapted to our period, you might want to try.


Voodoo Vixen 1940s cherry print dress

1940s Style Teal & Antique Cherry Print Dress


40s style pink dress

40s Style Bow Tie Half Sleeve Pleated Shirt Dresses

Cream chiffon blouse 1940s

A gorgeous cream color blouse in chiffon, 40s style.


How To Dress As a Rockabilly Babe


Rockabilly style is rock and roll inspired 1950s fashion which is quite interesting because of its bold use of colors and patterns. Rockabilly fashion is all about femininity, glamour, attitude and immaculate hair and makeup.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to the style you like; a perfect rockabilly babe from your outfit to your hairs and accessories. Let’s get started.

Tops and Blouses:

Pick the right top or blouse for your rockabilly look. Stay away from spaghetti-strap style. Show some skin and pick some halter top or button-down blouse.


Rockabilly top

Gray Leopard Print Rockabilly Top



For dresses, choose pencil dresses or those with thick straps or sweetheart neckline.


rockabilly pencil dress

Retro Vintage 50s Rockabilly Pencil Dress



The distinctive patterns that complete the signature rockabilly look are polka dots, stripes, checks, tartans and leopard prints. Go for a top incorporating such patterns.

rockabilly dress checked pattern

50s Vintage Swing Rockabilly  Gown Dress with a checked pattern



Red, black, blue and white are the dominant colors of rockabilly style. Try to select tops and shoes in these colors.

Skirts and Pants:

A high-waist pencil skirt is a must to complete the retro rockabilly look. Want extra bold? Pick a red skirt. However, if skirts aren’t your thing, invest in some ankle-length skin tight pants.


rockabilly red pencil skirt

Red Pencil Rockabilly Skirt

rockabilly leopard pants

Rockabilly Leopard Pants


Heels are essential for rockabilly fashion; pick them in shiny black, red or white colors.


Rockabilly shoes red

Shiny Red & White Rockabilly Shoes


Hair Styling:

To keep up with Rockabilly theme, opt for some classic Bettie bangs or fringes, hair rolls, and vintage waves. Pick some Bandanas, roses or bows to complete the hair styling.


Bright and bold makeup is rockabilly fashion staple. For the ideal look, put on bright red lipstick with perfectly winged black eyeliner. Flaunt the spotless skin and rosy cheeks with the right application of foundation and blush.


Rockabilly 50s makeup



Finish off your Rockabilly look with some retro specs, statement tattoo inspired jewelry and a vintage bag.


cherry rockabilly bagCherry Rockabilly Bag


It’s not hard to rock the Rockabilly fashion. You can create a statement pin-up look by mixing and matching items in your wardrobe and pairing them with the right accessories.



What will you wear on Valentine’s day?

It is always a bit of a hard task to decide what to wear on Valentine’s day date.

We certainly don’t want to be obvious and wear a red dress, instead, we want to be extraordinary with something different from our everyday wardrobe, as this is a special occasion.

Maybe we could find something that looks classic, elegant and absolutely gorgeous!

We found this Vintage Sleeveless Cocktail Dress, a bit retro style, it is made of Jacquard fabric and it is so feminine!

A sleeveless dress, that can we be worn in a country where it is warm or cold, depending on the season, it is just a matter of finding a nice bolero-like jacket (the one below is a perfect example) to cover the arms from any draft.

This Valentine’s day outfit combination is undeniably graceful and fashionable, we suggest to complete it with a striking pair of high heels,  decorated with lace and rhinestones, which will make heads turn!


Vintage outfit for all occasions

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When thinking about dressing vintage and vintage clothing outfits not everybody is willing to wear certain types of vintage clothes in public in an everyday situation. This because most of the time vintage clothes are eccentric and we fear we will look weird in front of others. The good news is that not all vintage clothing items are so unconventional.
An example of this is the dresses below. They undoubtedly have a vintage style, but their cut is so versatile, that can be worn by many women in any kind of situations, like in the office, when shopping, at parties and even at home.