Feel The Excitement Of The 50s With A Retro Style Home


The 1950s were a time of great energy and enthusiasm, as the USA and Europe succeeded in post-war recovery, displaying a progressive outlook. There were a number of vibrant designs, specifically influenced by the latest technologies, space exploration, and science. Vintage home decor ideas were innovative in this decade because of their classic appeal and modernity. Even though many years have passed, the retro home décor style is still very popular and people all over the world love to adopt these décor ideas, including vintage bathroom décor and vintage kitchen decor as it makes interior designing fun as well as appealing to the eyes.


salt and pepper container retro
Diner Tabletop 50s Style Accessories Set


Popular Accessories for Home Décor in 1950’s
For the first time, plastic was used as a material for making home décor accessories. Moreover, wood and metal were used for atomic and sunburst clocks. Among the items that could be found in a vintage kitchen décor were bread bins, stainless steel or enamel-coated canisters, pastel plastics and chrome appliances.
There was an increase in the production of several countertop appliances, for example, coffeemakers, blenders, stainless steel and chrome mixers to create more leisure time and to make tasks like housework quicker and easier.
The major focus of 1950’s household was on leisure and comfort. Moreover, this decade proved to a thriving time for families that belong to the middle class. This is because more and more families shifted to the suburbs, leaving behind the city to relax in their cozy homes.


Green Fifties-Style Kitchen Wall Clock

Green 50s-Style Kitchen Wall Clock


Colors in 1950’s
If we talk about colors, then the trendy colors in the 1950s were Scandinavian, modern and pastel. For vintage kitchen décor, blue, pale yellow, mint green, turquoise and pink pastel colors were particularly famous. Besides this, modern colors included bright yellow, white, black, red, orange and electric blue. The Scandinavian colors were mainly influenced by nature including the shades of green, gray, cream and brown.

Crosley Pink 1950s Wall Pay Phone

Cool 1950s Retro Style Pink Pay Phone


The 50s were undoubtedly a stimulating period for those who wanted to experiment with new colors and materials, and many looked at those what we consider nowadays as simple, as advanced solutions to every day’s life.

Red Cherries 50s Style Paper Towel Dispenser

Red Cherries 50s Style Paper Towel Dispenser


Who would not want to have a time machine to visit that period and maybe spend a day and a night in a beautiful 50s style home? Well, we know that is not possible, but we can recreate the feeling of the 50s, just as with fashion, also with home decor. Plenty of beautiful home decor items inspired by the 50s are available online, and the advantage nowadays is that it is enough a click of the mouse to get those shipped to your home. We love the 50s and we love the exciting feeling those years created in the heart of people. We want to recreate this feeling in you, this is why we have chosen to add a new section to the shop where we will publish retro-style decor and gifts ideas. Stay tuned and visit this site often, we are in the process to add more items.

For now, you can have a look at these cool retro home decor ideas.



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