What will you wear on Valentine’s day?

It is always a bit of a hard task to decide what to wear on Valentine’s day date.

We certainly don’t want to be obvious and wear a red dress, instead, we want to be extraordinary with something different from our everyday wardrobe, as this is a special occasion.

Maybe we could find something that looks classic, elegant and absolutely gorgeous!

We found this Vintage Sleeveless Cocktail Dress, a bit retro style, it is made of Jacquard fabric and it is so feminine!

A sleeveless dress, that can we be worn in a country where it is warm or cold, depending on the season, it is just a matter of finding a nice bolero-like jacket (the one below is a perfect example) to cover the arms from any draft.

This Valentine’s day outfit combination is undeniably graceful and fashionable, we suggest to complete it with a striking pair of high heels,  decorated with lace and rhinestones, which will make heads turn!


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